Tour Animal Health Care Center

Animal Health Care Center

531 East Springfield Road
Arcola, IL 61910


Take a tour of our clinic!

Ask your staff to show you the educational props on dental care, flea control, and heartworm control (some of them are really cool!)

Have an idea?  Something you want to see at our clinic?  Please share!!

We want you and your pet to feel at home here at AHCC!


Our Building
Welcome to our clinic!
Welcome Center Welcome Center

Our Welcome center is roomy for all those who come visit. equipped with a coffee/water bar for those who desire. You are also able to view our staff and their loved ones. 

outdoor activity area
Our outdoor activity area.

Exam room 1
Exam room 1. Notice the Canine Companion poster that Dr. Kim had a great hand in helping for many years. 
Exam room 2
Exam room 2. This is our "Cat" room. This is designated for cats only equipped with its very own cat tree. This instills our Fear Free mentality.
Exam room 3
Exam room 3
also serves as Dr. Kim's office. We have adapted this room with a table for those small patients. Dr. Kim's room serves well for our bigger animals such as Great Danes, Mastiffs, or Irish Wolfhounds.

Surgery Room

Our Surgery Room is equipped with our high tech equipment to assist with surgeries, dentals, x-rays, and ultrasounds.