Animal Health Care Center

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Our Doctors

Dr. Kim Livezey welcomes you and your pet to AHCC!

Dr. Kim Livezey

Dr. Kim Livezey, graduated from Purdue University in 1988 following an internship at the University of Illinois. Having practiced veterinary medicine in Indianapolis and Tuscola, Dr. Kim opened the Animal Health Care Center (AHCC) in 1994.  With a special interest in Orthopedic surgery, Dr. Kim is a renowned surgeon and receives many referrals from area vets. Dr. Kim leads a talented and caring team of professionals.  She encourages her associates to continue their education and to pursue the latest trends in veterinary medicine. In addition to being a talented professional, Dr. Kim also leads a busy personal life; starting with being a mother of two girls, Cori and Kati.  Also an avid bicyclist, Dr. Kim loves riding in the Hilly Hundred in Indiana and in the Habitat for Humanity 500 mile ride.  To fill in the rest of her time, she has a English Mastiff named Scarlet, a french bulldog named Frankie, and two cats Julius and Faith, and a husband named Trent. Dr. Kim also loves to talk to students and frequently does presentations at local high schools.  She has also been a mentor for countless veterinary students, ensuring that they in turn learn to be compassionate doctors.

Dr. Tia Pawlus

Dr. Tia Pawlus graduated from the University of Illinois in May 2016 and joined out practice directly after graduation. Prior to Veterinary school Dr. Tia pursued a career as a Certified/Licensed Veterinary Technician for 10 years. Dr. Tia and her husband Steve have two children; a daughter Kaylee and a son Colbie with whom she spends the majority of her spare time. Dr. Tia also has a menagerie of pets including 7 dogs (5 dachshunds, a corgi mix, and an english mastiff), 2 chinchillas, 2 sugar gliders, a canary, a salt water fish tank, and a toad. And once everyone is taken care of Dr. Tia enjoys scrapbooking and reading.