Animal Health Care Center

531 East Springfield Road
Arcola, IL 61910


Welcome to Arcola Animal Health Care Center

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Arcola Animal Health Care Center is a full service small animal clinic located in central Illinois.

To the veterinary staff, it’s much more than just having a dog or cat.

It’s about lifelong companionship, unconditional love and sharing our lives with someone.

Although pets cannot speak with their mouths, they can communicate volumes with a look, a purr, or a sloppy wet kiss.

We pledge to be there for you, every step of the way, healthy and happy life. Dr. Kim Livezey is the owner of the practice. Learn all about her love for animals here

Enjoy the wealth of information Arcola Animal Health Care Center has to offer, and thanks for stopping by!

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We are currently fully staffed however you are welcome to click here to email your resume, or call us and we will keep it on file.

Pet Library

Questions about your pets' health condition? No more having to jump all around the net!!!