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New Puppy Needs

At AHCC we are diligent about monitoring the latest vaccination and parasite control recommendations.  You can rest assured that your pet will be receiving the best health care plan based on current research.


It is vital to start your puppy's health care plan by visiting your vet as soon as you acquire your new family member. In the state of Illinois, breeders must hold puppies until 8 weeks of age, but vaccinations and dewormings must begin before then.

  •  4 weeks-Dewormed with a general dewormer.
  • 6 weeks-First vaccination for DA2pp+cv(distemper, parvo, corona and respiratory disease), second Deworming, start on your heartworm control plan.
  • 9 weeks-Second DA2pp+cv booster, 3 rd deworming,start flea control plan, internal parasite control plan, and implant microchip.
  • 12 weeks-Third DA2pp booster, First lepto booster, and fecal analysis should be performed. Schedule your puppies' spay/neuter appointment.
  • 16 weeks-Final DA2pp booster, Second lepto booster, and Rabies. Continue parasite control plan. Make sure you have a heartworm and flea prevention program in place for the whole year. 
  • Once yearly during adult years your dog should return for a routine thorough health exam, parasite control, nutritional evaluation, and vaccines as recommended for each individuals' needs,
  • As your pet ages, it is important to maintain a regular relationship with your pets' health care team.  Always feel free to contact AHCC if you have any questions about the needs of your family member!


Don't forget that behavior is a big part of your pets' health care plan!  At AHCC we have a special interest in helping with behavior issues. We are members of the SVBT(Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians) and as such it is out goal to make your pets' visit as positive an experience it can be.


Some tips on helping make the visit a great experience:

-Make sure not to feed your pet for a couple of hours so that they arrive a bit hungry!

-Don't wait until the vet visit to introduce the leash.

-Make your appointment on a day when you have no other errands,find a babysitter, and otherwise make sure you can focus on your pets' visit.